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Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. - Lao Tzu

Along the words of Lao Tzu, I consider that knowledge without practice is akin to an axe without sharpness. Hence, without practice, the net result of ones' efforts will always be low.

I am a Web Application Developer who's proficient in Java EE technologies, though I'm always keen on learning new things as I believe learning is a never-ending process.

I believe in making innovative real life solutions to help make life easier for everyone.


Response Time Tool

A webapp which analyzes end user response time using Java EE, Apache Selenium, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate framework & a MySQL Database

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Employee Management System

A web application that is handy for managing employees. Made using Java EE, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and an Oracle Database

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Library Management System

A web application that can be used in a library to keep a track of books. Made using Java EE, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Spring MVC framework, Hibernate framework and an Oracle Database.

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Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. (2014 - Present)

I am working as a Support Engineer on Eurostar's Web Train Booking application, involved in Eurostar Integration Framework which is a backend application integrating various third party systems like ticketing system, customer loyalty accounts, etc. using Apache Camel as a routing engine. My role as a support engineer requires me to:

  • Analyze and investigate various incidents that are raised
  • Maintain and enhance (minor) the application
  • Manage and deploy releases to the website as a part of Agile development
  • Interact with clients/third-parties on a regular basis to understand their requirements
  • Develop tools which help in effective monitoring of the Production website

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